About Kilolo district

Kilolo District Council is among the Eight Districts Council in Iringa Region. Kilolo District Council has been established in July, 2002 under the local government Act. No. 7 of 1982.

Kilolo District has an area of 7881 square Kilometers of which 6,803 square Kilometer are habitable where as forests, Rocky Mountains and water occupies the rest. Also the District extends between Latitudes 7 º - 8.3 º south and Longitudes 34 º-37 º east.

The District borders Mpwapwa District (Dodoma Region) to the North, Kilosa District to the Northeast and Kilombero District to the East (both of Morogoro Region) Mufindi District to the South, and Iringa District to the West. Administratively Kilolo District Council is divided into 3 divisions, 12 wards, 83 villages, 415 hamlets and 42,002 households. The Council has one (1) Parliamentary Electro constituency namely Kilolo.